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We are driven by excellence and honesty.Pyramid Car Leasing have a strong relationship with our dealer networks as well as the best funders in the UK.We work hard to get the right car! By working closely with our network of dealer groups we can source the exact car you want.

We Care

From the first time to the point of delivery of your car, our aim to ensure that only you are our focus.


“better, faster, or more efficient”

Most important part for any performance car is to thrill and excite a driver with top acceleration, handling and an engine sounds so menacing! Performance cars come in all shapes and size from a hot hatch all the way up to 4.0 litre V8 engine Super SUV’s. We have built strong relationships with all the major manufacturers that build performance cars this means we can source or factory order in your exact car you want.


“great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense” Exclusive interior design, latest technology and unbelievable comfort are just some of the perks of driving a luxury car. We believe luxury cars are a sense of achievement for your success with that in mind you are in control of exactly how you would like the setting inside of the vehicle from stitching in your seats to controlling your climate from you mobile phone.


“With, Pyramid Car Leasing”

With, Pyramid Car Leasing, you choose your car with exact specifications and we will find and fund your vehicle. With direct access to manufacturers stock we can look at delivering your new car with a faster turnaround, if necessary, we will order your new car through manufacturers factory. We can offer different type of funding to help you with your new car for e.g. Lease or Contract Hire, Hire Purchase, PCP. As we specialise in supplying Luxury & Performance vehicles, we can guide and help you with the right funding method for your new car to ensure you get the most out of you new car.

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