New Audi RS Q3

This is the newest addition to the Audi crossover range the Audi RS Q3 a mini SUV, with more performance and an aggressive body which is also available in a Sportback. Audi have said we should start seeing deliveries for this early 2020 so not long to wait.


it is a Q3 with the Audi Sport makeover which mean a black gloss grille, boomerang blades in the front air intakes and a flat slit above the single frame. At the back you have the tailpipes and a diffuser all gloss black.

The Sportback in the picture above is pretty much same as the RS Q3 but with the roofline that is almost like the Q8 style. The squashed roofline makes the rear wheels look bigger and the wheels as standard are 20-inch alloys with option of 21 inch.


The RS Q3 comes in 2.5-litre TFSI five-cylinder, with 395bhp and 354 lb ft of torque. That power means the RS Q3 and you can expect get to 62mph in 4.5 seconds whichever body style you pick, both cars have a top speed of 155mph.


You have the return of the Audi Drive select mode but now available with the RS mode also Dynamic Chassis Control to control the body of the RS Q3 through bends. An all-new six-piston steel brakes connected to the left pedal and as it is an RS car you can expect ceramic brakes that come in grey, red or blue. You can expect same tech as the normal Q3 inside but with more aggression and race style in the RS.